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Original Czech Deck

54 playing cards with a slide-down box that features local tips, phrases, fun facts, and hotspots across Czechia.

600 CZK

Original Brut Block

Our sleek new deck with a slide-down box featuring brutalist architecture + fun facts across former Czechoslovakia.

500 CZK

Czech Sticker Pack

Collect and stick to your Czech favorites! 9 iconic stickers included.

150 CZK

Prague Space Pack

Get the best of Prague with a cosmic twist. 5 space-themed stickers included.

150 CZK

Alien Sticker Pack

Put your phrases to the test with this vibrant alien-themed pack. 5 included.

150 CZK

Prague Trams Pack

Which Prague tram is your favorite? Collect ‘em all! 7 included.

150 CZK


Local tips & insights


A travel Czechlist


Useful Czech phrases


54 playing cards

Peek into Czech culture ♣

Crush your opponents when it comes to Czech trivia. Digest local inventions, traditions, and fun little quirks – we've got you (and your entire team) covered.

Explore our Prague hotspots

Absorb Prague's most interesting spots and share them at your next game night with friends. Then explore them in real life.

Learn to speak Czech ♠

Use our deck as visual flashcards to help you learn and speak Czech. Nail down local phrases, useful vocab and even pronunciation on the go.

Travel with a Czechlist

Shuffle in new ideas for day trips to different regions in the entire Czech Republic. A solid A-list of places to cross off anyone's personal Czechlist.

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